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ENGIE Insight, formerly Ecova, partners with multi-site businesses that aim to thrive in a sustainable world.

With a foundation of accurate and comprehensive resource data – including energy, water, waste and telecom – we apply technology and people expertise to move our customers’ sustainable resource management initiatives forward.

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Business Solutions

<p>Lower costs, drive efficiencies and reduce environmental impact</p> Learn More
390% ROI
<p>More than triple your return by eliminating complex payable costs.</p>
17% of Bills Have Errors
<p>Nearly every one out of five bills has an issue that requires investigation.</p>

Resource Journey

<p>Learn how to manage your resources sustainably with our interactive guide</p> Get Started
18% Less Energy Consumed
<p>Energy efficiency can reduce building energy consumption by an average of 18%.</p>
2/3 of Companies Have Goals
<p>More than 66% of companies globally have greenhouse gas management initiatives.</p>

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