A 10-point valuation of continuous monitoring and maintenance

Smart Energy Decisions

Facilities managers who spend their workdays “in the weeds” of site-level operations are generally content to accept the anecdotal value of smart asset management. When things go right — an equipment performance anomaly is caught before it requires expensive mechanical remediation and downtime, for instance — the benefits of their good fortune is easily measured. The value of this “ounce of prevention” typically goes unseen, however, by the front office.

Facilities managers are also the first to feel the sting—and tally the expense—of missed opportunities to prevent capital equipment failure, excessive resource consumption, and downtime. Contrary to the “ounce of prevention, the cost of the “pound of cure” is laid bare to the front office when things go wrong.

These truths support the case for a proactive and holistic operational efficiency and resource conservation initiative. More specifically, they make the case for a well-documented approach to the value of continuous facilities monitoring and maintenance. But while many companies leverage system-specific monitoring services to assess the performance of their capital investments, few possess the internal technology and resources required to enable a comprehensive, proactive approach that addresses energy, operational and maintenance costs. Neither can they accurately convey the value of that approach to stakeholders…

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