What to Consider When Evaluating Renewables for Your Energy Procurement Strategy

Environmental Leader

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)—energy supplies that aren’t produced by traditional large centralized fossil fuel plants—continue to be a hot topic among organizations seeking to reduce their environmental impact and increase cost-efficiency. While incorporating DERs like solar, wind & battery can offer significant benefits, the impact varies greatly depending on your industry, your location and your priorities. Ecova’s new e-book, Considering Renewables: Five Key Considerations for Integrating Renewables into Your Procurement Strategy, can help you explore whether DERs are right for your organization, when to make the investment and how to make a strong business case for DERs.

DERs like renewable sources (wind and solar, for example), energy storage, demand response and demand management activities can help businesses offset rising energy costs while promoting increased security and reliability. As a result, more and more organizations are adopting DERs.

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