Engie Is on a Distributed-Energy Acquisition Spree. How’s It Going?

Tristan Loiseau

It’s been over nine months since Engie North America acquired three companies in succession — turning Green Charge Networks into Engie Storage, OpTerra Energy Services into Engie Services U.S., and Ecova to Engie Insight.

At the time, the French energy company said the rebrand would broaden the portfolio of options available to its growing customer base in the U.S. and Canada.

“At Engie, we are not a technology producer, we are not a battery producer; we are an integrator,” said Engie’s CEO Isabelle Kocher last week at a Stanford University event on the future of energy. “We are trying to analyze the situation of the client…to understand the needs for energy. The main space in which we invest is to assemble this kind of holistic solution.”

Several months since this brand change, Greentech Media spoke with the new slate of Engie companies to assess the impact.