ENGIE Insight CEO Takes To The Streets On A Cleantech Tour Of The U.S. (#CleanTechnica Exclusive)

Cara Proszek

by Kyle Field, CleanTechnica

ENGIE Insight is the consulting arm of parent company ENGIE that works with corporate customers around the world to leverage the expansive network of experts at ENGIE’s disposal to solve its clients’ most challenging problems.

Looking to integrate 100 electric vehicle fast chargers on your property but not sure if you need to add storage to make the financials work? Interested in adding hydrogen storage + fuel cells to your business but need to make sure you sign on with a reputable company that can deliver savings over the long haul? These challenges and many more seem right up ENGIE Insight’s alley.

ENGIE Insight CEO Mathias Lelievre recently hit the road in the United States for a 2-week romp across the country, with stops along the way to visit customers, clients, and friends in 10 major metro areas spread out from coast to coast. We connected with him in Los Angeles, California, for a chat on the phone to talk about why he’s traveling more than 9,000 miles in 2 weeks and to see what he has learned along the way.

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