Gyms Across The Country Are Getting An Eco-Friendly Makeover

Cara Proszek

Traditional gyms are an energy bill’s worst nightmare: always aglow with fluorescent lights, heat and air conditioning constantly whirring in the background, rows and rows of televisions, pop music blaring from colossal speakers. As our homes and office buildings become more eco-friendly and inspired by nature, the places we sweat feel stuck in a carbon-intensive past.

“With the dramatic rise in boutique fitness studios over the past few years, gyms are beginning to offer longer hours and more luxury amenities, like spa-enhanced locker rooms, to compete,” Susana Cagle, senior manager, sustainability product management, of eco-consulting firm ENGIE Insight, tells mbg. “These extended hours and unique amenities result in higher energy bills and utility costs.”

However, new innovations in equipment and design could mean the gyms of the future won’t give the planet as much of a workout.

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