How to Leverage EMS Data for the Greatest ROI

Jonathan Lee, Senior Energy Market Intelligence Manager at ENGIE Insight

Despite differences in geography, size, service and customer base; multi-site facilities have this in common: They are all being pressured to see more, give more and do more with less. They face internal demands to track and save on energy, water and waste spend.

This is why innovative companies are leveraging energy management systems (EMS) as a valuable tool to manage energy-consuming assets in facilities. EMS gives companies greater visibility and control of each facility and its assets and a means to collect cost and consumption data. Whether a company has five sites or 500, without EMS, companies must blindly rely on site-level staff to ensure adherence to standard configurations, respond to alarms and oversee asset maintenance.

In addition, there is little cohesive insight into energy cost and consumption or how to improve. Overall, savings achieved by EMS are not necessarily attributed to the system itself, but to identifying and acting on the issues that EMS highlights…

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