Road Tripping Today’s America in Search of Tomorrow’s Grid

Tristan Loiseau

Classic American Cross-country road trips are a part of pop culture lore. Think Jack Kerouac, Tom Wolfe and Mark Twain.

Those authors were seeing and portraying Americas that used to be. Sometimes road trips are a good way of gauging where the country is headed in the future.

Energy and resource sustainability firm Engie Insight (formerly Ecova) sent some of its leaders on a “Coast to Coast Sustainbility Tour” of the U.S., focusing on dozens of U.S. businesses which are trying new and more efficient ways of getting the most out of the all-mighty megawatt.

The Engie Insight Group Sustainability Tour included CEO Mathias Lelievre and colleagues. Mike Kaplan, vice president of marketing with the company, replied to ELP Executive Digest on what he saw and took to heart the most from a summer across America.

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