The (Big) Engie that could

Thao Bartkowski

Energy and sustainability management service provider Engie Insight, formerly Ecova Inc., is ramping up the workforce at its Spokane office, which is at the center of a large technology upgrade for its French, multinational parent company Engie.

Company officials say this year, the company is balancing strong growth both locally and internationally, while also evolving to meet the needs of a changing industry.

Christine Uri, chief legal and human resources officer for Engie Insight, says the company has added about 170 new employees this year and currently employs just over 1,000 people in Spokane. Engie Insight’s offices here occupy a total of 113,382 square feet on the fourth and fifth floors of the five-story Rock Pointe Corporate Center at 1313 N Atlantic.

As of earlier this month, Engie Insight has 74 open positions and is expecting continued employment growth, Uri says.

“Spokane is growing, and there’s a lot of talented technology professionals moving here,” she says. “Our offices here have added a lot of both local and regional talent, and we hope to continue to do so.”

Engie Insight’s main service compiles accurate and comprehensive resource data—including energy, water, waste, and telecommunications—for multisite utilities and commercial clients, Uri says. Once gathered, the company analyzes that data and works with clients to build and implement programs designed to help them lower costs, increase efficiencies, and potentially reduce environmental impacts.

Engie Insight serves companies in a variety of industries, including retail, dining, education, entertainment, fast food, government, grocery, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation—the common denominator being that its customers have multiple locations, typically in multiple cities.