Toyota Forklift Manufacturer Leverages IoT, Sees Quick Success

Tristan Loiseau

The Internet of Things (IoT) is being increasingly adopted to help improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes and equipment across a variety of industries, and Toyota Material Handling is one company aiming for a fully connected plant. The forklift and truck lift producer has three plants and 8,400 workers in the US. Senior VP Alan Cseresznyak says the company can reduce downtime and improve performance with IoT and predictive analysis across its three US plants.

IoT can also be leveraged by manufacturers in terms of resource management. For example, by putting trackers on devices to make sure data points are tracked more effectively, water leaks can be detected and stopped. “We see a point of consumption that doesn’t make sense given the history of consumption at that site and the benchmark,” Mathias Lelievre, Engie Insight’s chief executive officer, told Environmental Leader earlier this year.

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