Clean Tech Conversation Takes Center Stage in Spokane

Gary Mallon

Today’s guest blogger, Gary Mallon, Technology Industry Manager at Greater Spokane Inc., shares insight and offers a ‘sneak peak’ into what we’ll hear at the Fourth Annual State of the Green Economy
clean-techWe at Greater Spokane Incorporated are looking forward to hosting the Fourth Annual State of the Green Economy at the Spokane Club on Wednesday, June 13th from 3:30 – 5:30. The annual event is designed to bring together business, government and individuals who want to discuss the opportunities, advancements, and challenges happening locally in the Clean Tech industry. Washington State has strong existing assets coupled with great future potential. Clean Edge just published its 2012 State Clean Energy Index. Washington State was just ranked 4th (up two spots) while Oregon ranked 2nd. However, it will take a portfolio of different companies, technologies and initiatives to compete and succeed nationally and globally. I hope you can come to hear about some of those companies and initiatives.

With Ecova’s corporate headquarters in Spokane, the company has an important voice in this discussion. With over 600 employees in the region, Ecova is one of the largest companies in the Spokane region focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability. For that reason, we invited Ecova’s President and CEO, Jeff Heggedahl, to be our lead-off speaker and I think he will set the tone for a great event. I’m looking forward to hearing Jeff speak.ecova-hq

We’ll also be hearing from WA State Rep and board member of Innovate Washington, Andy Billig. Andy co-sponsored legislation to accelerate the development of sustainable aviation biofuels in the Northwest which will in turn reduce dependence on foreign sources of fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote economic development and jobs in Washington. His legislation also resulted in tasking Innovate Washington with the mission of leading not only the development of bio-fuels but the advancement of the entire Clean Energy cluster in the State of Washington.

Also speaking will be Ben Fairbanks of First Wind and the Palouse Wind project. First Wind has broken ground on the construction of the 48 wind turbines in the Oakesdale-Rosalia area of Eastern Washington. I think this will become an iconic development and it’s the first of its kind in the Greater Spokane Region. Closing will be our MC, Hal Calbom, producer and director of Evergreen, The Washington Clean Tech Story. Hal will be offering a brief film clip of his recent trip to China –The Tao of Clean. Hope you can make it – it would be great to see you here.

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