Ecova Rocks the Bike Commute Challenge!

Francine Chinitz

Congratulations to our Portland team for another successful Bike Commute Challenge (BCC)! Sponsored by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), the BCC is a friendly competition―workplace against workplace―to see who can get more employees biking to work during the month of September.


Ecova has participated in the BCC since 2005 to ‘walk our talk’ (reduce our transportation/carbon footprint), show company pride, foster friendly competition, reward seasoned riders, and help employees rediscover the pure joy of riding a bike! A highlight of this year’s successes includes:

  • 3rd place out of 196 companies
  • 44.14% participation rate
  • 77 riders (12 more than last year)
  • 880 rides (at least 50 more than last year)
  • 6,152 miles logged
  • Raised $3,750 for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA)!

theme_polarbear_blueWith the provocative theme of ‘Polar Bears are Epic,’ Ecova’s 2012 BCC kicked off with the distribution of ‘Bike Pledges’ to all interested employees, as well as helmets and bike lights to any employee that needed them. Ecova’s spirited BCC Captains held several workshops throughout the month to encourage employee participation and drive momentum. Workshops ranged from navigating traffic/bike safety to what to wear to proper helmet fitting, as well as a demonstration for putting a bike on a city bus rack (it can be stressful putting a bike on the rack for the first time when a bus full of people are waiting!).

One employee didn’t even own a bike, but that didn’t deter her co-workers from encouraging her to participate! As a result, one generous employee lent her a bike and she was off ―and as luck would have it, the two were neighbors, making it easy for her to have an escort to and from work. And it only got better for her―as an enthusiastic new rider, she was awarded a one-year membership to the BTA―her appreciation is evident by her response at the end of the challenge: “Thank you all so much for the support for the Bike Challenge, including this awesome surprise. I look forward to shopping for a new bike this winter!”

All in all, it was a successful BCC challenge and I can’t wait until next year! I’m proud to work for a company that promotes healthy lifestyles for employees and fun activities like the BCC!

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