Ecova & Aclara: Redefining Utility Customer Engagement

Wendy Carhart

Last week, Verdantix, the independent analyst firm, published a report on our work helping utilities reach and engage their customers to create more efficient homes. The report entitled, ‘Ecova and Aclara Help Utilities with Customer Engagement,’ outlines our partnership with Aclara which we announced in early 2012.

In the report, Verdantix analyst Ray Crowley highlights the four key things our home energy work is designed to do:

  1. Alter consumer perceptions and experiences of energy efficiency
  2. Use big energy data to inform home owners of their energy consumption
  3. Improve accuracy of analysis with data from in-house audits
  4. Redefine consumer engagement through multichannel lines of communication

Crowley goes on to say that he expects our approach will differentiate us in the crowded home energy market:

“Through the use of big energy data analytics, in-house audits, consultations and varied means of follow-up communication, Ecova’s partnership with Aclara brings an added dimension to the crowded home energy management market.”

Specifically, Crowley calls out three areas that he expects will lead to our work being well
received by utilities:

  • Evolving nature of utility and consumer relations
  • Integration of software, hardware and field services in the customer journey
  • Use of varied methods of communication in the sales cycle



Ecova recognizes similar themes in the market, which is why we completed the partnership with Aclara and are working on additional behavioral-based approaches to home energy management. We are moving toward a new era in energy efficiency; one that will see more comprehensive programs for consumers which take into account their whole home perspective and reach them in the way that they are most likely to act on.

This combination of in-home services and technology improvements that enable big data approaches to behavioral change, along with Ecova’s long history of implementing successful energy efficiency programs with utilities, will be a powerful force for change.

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