Leo Berz Joins CTEMS’ Board of Directors

Leo Berz

I’m thrilled to be joining the CTEMS Board of Directors, and view this as my opportunity to pay back this great industry for all it has given me over the years. CTEMS is one of the industry associations helping to shape, develop, and disseminate collective knowledge throughout the telecom industry. Along with TEMIA, CTEMS is helping to improve the products and services offered by vendors in the industry, create a community to help drive change, and address common problems.

As a provider to many Fortune 500 companies, Ecova can play a critical role in shaping the industry for the benefit of our clients. And I’m so honored to be part of the group helping to evolve the industry. Together, we hope to create a network of knowledge that spans enterprise, vendor, carrier, regulatory and other areas to inform decision making and the marketplace.

Today, the need for a unified Telecom Lifecycle Management solution is more important than ever as companies navigate their way through the myriad technical and regulatory changes that are before them. I’m excited to be part of the CTEMS Board of Directors to tackle these challenges.


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