Interval Data from Electric Meters – Every 15 Minutes Baby!

Alison Liaboe

I’m not talking about painful interval training here. And I’m not talking about the type of intervals that my piano teacher would test me on and then rap my knuckles with the proverbial ruler when I couldn’t pass the auditory test and tell the difference between a fourth and a fifth. I’m talking about interval data from electric meters. Every fifteen minutes. That’s right. Every. Fifteen. Minutes. It’s the kind of data that can alert you to bad behavior at your sites BEFORE you would have learned that the lights at 20% of your buildings have been left on overnight for the past 45 days.

How can we do that, you ask? With connections to Energy Management Systems, Smart Meters, Pulse Devices and Green Button Data, we can provide multi-site companies with actionable insight to their portfolio of sites. ENGIE Insight’s Meter Dashboard identifies those sites that are performing outside standard day/night operating ratios and gives you visibility to site usage at a moment in time, compared to the previous month or the previous year. This visibility allows multi-site clients to make necessary adjustments in operational processes, address a failing piece of equipment, and identify trends with enough granularity to act quickly, all while avoiding excess costs that may accumulate if gone undetected through less frequent reporting.


So what does the new ENGIE Insight Meter Dashboard look like? In a word―simple. We want to provide you with at-a-glance actionable insight into how your portfolio of sites is performing. By collecting and mining vast quantities of interval meter data from your various systems, ENGIE Insight’s Meter Dashboard consolidates the data and cuts through the complexity to help you identify outliers, at-a-glance, before they escalate into larger financial, operational or comfort problems.

Using interval meter data, you are able to quickly:

  • Identify those sites within your portfolio that are performing outside of the norm.
  • Compare demand and consumption trends throughout your portfolio, allowing you to drill down to usage during date ranges or specific time ranges.
  • Trend energy usage from previous years against year-to-date.

ENGIE Insight is experienced in managing both historic AND interval meter data, and has helped many companies achieve their goals of sustainability and efficiency, including multi-site retail chains, quick serve restaurants, hotels, banks, airlines and more. No matter which industry you are in, ENGIE Insight has the expertise to support your energy data management goals.

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