Three Key Benefits of Continuously Monitoring Your Building Systems

Alison Liaboe

Ecova recently hosted a webinar on Continuous Monitoring Solutions. Continuous Monitoring helps clients manage energy consumption and maintain optimal performance by ensuring that critical building systems, such as HVAC, lighting and building controls, function properly. Three themes discussed during the webinar deserve additional discussion:

  1. Continuous Monitoring can save clients money (and that’s just the beginning!)
  2. Transparency into monitoring performance provides an extra level of service
  3. System monitoring is not just an ‘energy play,’ there are benefits to equipment lifecycles as well


Managing a portfolio of sites can be a challenging task. Ecova’s Continuous Monitoring services, which include both Responsive Monitoring and Proactive Monitoring, are designed to save our clients money, in both energy and maintenance. By focusing on the following, Ecova can reduce energy expenses for our clients and also help avoid maintenance and operational costs:

  • Reduction in the need for additional staff
  • Resolution of site alarms and issues
  • Efficient management of portfolio wide Energy Management System (EMS) settings
  • Minimization of costly service calls, including call-backs and unnecessary calls
  • Identification of inefficiently operating HVAC systems
  • Attention to issues before they become emergency equipment failures



Ecova has a 24/7/365, fully staffed Operations Control Center (OCC) based in Atlanta, Georgia. Within the OCC, there is a systematic, proven process to triage and prioritize alarms, queue up phone calls and emails, and manage the issues against specific business rules and Service Level Agreement (SLA) response times. For example, when a work ticket is generated and a technician is engaged, the specific SLA terms for the issue needing to be addressed accompanies the work ticket. The technicians know exactly what the client is expecting of them from the moment they begin working.

One of the most valuable aspects of Ecova’s Continuous Monitoring services is that the client has dashboard visibility into Ecova’s performance against those SLAs. With this level of transparency, the client can see if Ecova is meeting the resolution requirements for Urgent, Immediate and Critical issues. This is a simple measure of the service we provide to clients.



Ecova continuously collects data from each client’s portfolio of sites into its data warehouse. The data collected from EMS systems, alarms and on-site requests allows us to control various systems thus managing energy consumption. In addition to managing energy consumption, the data offers valuable insight into equipment health.

The client’s energy management system is the enabling technology for acquisition of equipment and energy data. This data is the foundation for analyses that help facility managers understand what is happening at each of their numerous sites within their portfolio. For example, using equipment data, we are able to verify that HVAC set points and business rules around lighting schedules are being followed. In addition, we can draw conclusions around the health of equipment by identifying outliers based on energy usage, or by measuring open/close or on/off settings of equipment. This analysis helps clients extend the life of equipment or identify problems before they become larger maintenance issues.

I encourage you to take a half hour watch our recent webinar below, as it will help you better understand how we save clients money and provide an unparalleled level of service.

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