A Day in the Life of an Energy Manager: The Site Visit

Regulatory Update

Energy management comes in many different shapes and sizes to fit any organization, but the goal is always the same: find ways to cut operating costs and reduce energy expenses. One tool near and dear to the heart of every energy manager is the site visit, also known as an energy assessment.


Let’s face it. Site managers are busy. Their job is to run day-to-day operations, be client facing, and drive revenue. Energy management is not always their top priority, and who can blame them with everything else on their plates? Ecova’s energy managers have the expertise to propose best practices while working with site managers to create a more energy efficient environment for employees and customers. Performing an onsite assessment is one way an energy manager can support a site manager to identify opportunities to save energy, water, and money.


Before a site visit, an energy manager will take a good hard look at consumption and expense trends in the data and identify those buildings with higher-than-average consumption readings. A number of high-use sites are then selected for further investigation. Whether an energy manager physically goes to the site or uses one of Ecova’s remote auditing techniques, our energy managers will locate problem spots and recommend low/no cost fixes and capital improvement opportunities.

Energy assessments are a great way to get an energy manager out from behind his or her desk and out into the field interacting with clients. Site managers are by far the most worthwhile asset in any energy assessment―there is no way an energy manager can compete with the building knowledge of someone who works at the site every day. Energy managers help facilitate a discussion between management and employees about energy efficiency that can result in real change!

An important part of any business is employee productivity, so we strive to make recommendations that increase comfort and make it easier for employees to do their jobs well.

Depending on your portfolio, Ecova can craft a tailored solution to meet your needs. We’ve worked with companies having as few as five locations on up to over 5,000 locations (and everything in between). Learn more about the work of Ecova’s energy managers or contact us if you are interested in an energy assessment.

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