Multifamily Program Utility Roundtable Event

Janice Boman

I’m happy to report that on June 27 Ecova hosted its first Multifamily Roundtable for NW area utility companies. We really enjoyed the presentations from our utility program partners and had the opportunity to mingle with several new faces from area utilities for a day of networking and discussion around multifamily programs.

The day started with an update on the ACEEE Multifamily Energy Savings Project from John Forde, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) Market Manager and regional ACEEE representative. From there, the participants heard from Kyle Webley, PSE Program Coordinator about their inventive approach to leveraging their trade ally network.

The rest of the day was dedicated to open roundtable discussion on topics ranging from customer engagement to property owner participation strategies, direct install, new technologies and more, ending in a closed-door utility staff-only networking and discussion.

The topic of multifamily program design is extremely relevant as utility program planners and managers seek to design initiatives that benefit all of their customers—tenants, building owners and property managers. By sharing ideas of what’s working and what needs improvement attendees were able to glean what they needed from a very topic focused discussion.

Contact us today to learn more about Ecova’s multifamily program and our work with PSE.

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