Making an Impact in Atlanta!

Andrew Goins

The Ecova Impact Team’s mission is to educate, empower, and motivate employees to improve the environmental and social sustainability of our business operations. I joined the Impact Team this past April as an Atlanta office representative. As a team representative, we help implement a variety of initiatives on the ground level in different locations across the nation, which provides a great opportunity for us to do good in our office and in the local community!


One way that the Impact Team achieves its goal is by offering employees a Community Service Day, an exceptional opportunity that lets employees take a day off and volunteer in their respective communities, fully paid!  Encompassing our core values, Ecova employees have displayed leadership in the community by volunteering with various organizations. In Atlanta, some of these organizations have included Open Hand, Homeless Pets Foundation, and Must Ministries.

Open Hand helps people prevent or better manage chronic disease through Comprehensive Nutrition Care™, which combines home-delivered meals and nutrition education as a means to reinforce the connection between informed food choices and improved quality of life. In May, Ecova helped open, hand pack, label, and sort hundreds of nutritious meals for Atlanta-area residents in need:

“Open Hand is very good at utilizing their volunteers. After some quick instructions, they put us to work right away. There was very little downtime and the pace was fast. By the end of the day my feet and back were pretty sore but it felt great to devote an entire day to an organization that helps feed so many people in our community.”

– Andrew Wortley (Associate Pricing Analyst)
The Homeless Pets Foundation saves the lives of cats and dogs that have run out of time at public shelters by utilizing social networks, hosting adoption events and placing pets in foster families until forever homes can be found. Since 1998, they have placed more than 10,000 pets into loving homes! In May, we volunteered our services by helping walk and care for pets awaiting adoption at their facilities in Marietta, Georgia:

The community service day at the Homeless Pets Foundation was a great experience―not to mention EXTREMELY sad! The Homeless Pets Foundation treat animals that have been abused and abandoned by providing health care and shelter that fortunately leads to fostering and adoption rather than euthanizing. Homeless Pets Foundation is a non-profit organization and the people who work there devote their lives to these animals. It felt great to be able to help them for the day and give the animals the attention that they will hopefully soon get for a lifetime!

– Krystal Schmeelk (Energy Procurement Manager)

Another organization where we’ve been active is Must Ministries. This important organization provides food, housing, education, clothing, and healthcare assistance to metro-Atlanta individuals, families and children. In January, I had the opportunity to volunteer with them. We spent our day working on a mountain of donated clothes from the community. We pulled, sorted and moved a large amount of donated clothes within Must’s distribution center, which is their centralized donation center for three food pantries and four clothing closets. It was a great day to get out of the office and into the community to make a difference.

Our goal is to improve the environmental and social sustainability of our business operations. These have all been great opportunities for us to get involved as a company and help out in our communities. The Ecova Impact Team continues to organize and sponsor other events across the nation for additional employee participation. It’s been a pleasure to share with you a part of the work that we’ve been doing throughout this year.

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