Do You Have Visibility into Your Organization’s Waste Service Costs & Volumes?

Joy Fryer

Savings on waste service costs can be achieved in a variety of ways, including recycling, right-sizing efforts and contract negotiations. However, before you get to any of these, it’s important to have an understanding of your contractual obligations across your portfolio. Sounds simple, right?

According to a poll conducted during last week’s waste management webinar (see chart below) hosted by Environmental Leader, a surprising number of organizations do not have visibility into the waste service costs and waste generated across their portfolio. In fact, only 29 percent of webinar attendees indicated that they have visibility into both waste cost and volumes. This is not uncommon. If you don’t have this information, review your waste service contracts, and if you don’t have those, start with your invoices. You can then conduct an audit to capture and understand the details for cost, pick-up schedule, number of containers and bin size.


Once you have a complete view of the waste service costs and volumes across your portfolio, you can identify where the greatest savings opportunities are for your organization and begin to prioritize other waste cost-savings initiatives, including recycling, active service management and vendor pricing and terms negotiations.

Learn more about each of these waste savings opportunities in the on-demand webinar, “There’s Money in the Trash.” Plus, hear great first-hand perspective shared by Christopher Laughman at Graybar Electric, who successfully saved 50 percent on waste costs in his pilot recycling program.

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