Waste Management Best Practices to Help You Find Money in the Trash

Joy Fryer

Have you been asked to create a corporate recycling program and have no idea where to start? Or perhaps you’ve been told your budget is getting cut and you’re not sure where to cut costs? Are you an energy manager who has inherited the responsibility for waste expenses?

If this sounds like you, join our upcoming webinar, There is Money in the Trash, on November 12thhosted by Environmental Leader. Our industry experts, Christopher Laughman, Corporate Facilities Manager, Graybar and Brad Ouderkirk, Director of Solutions Engineering, Ecova, are scheduled to present on waste management best practices.

Christopher will share how Graybar’s pilot program reduced waste fees by 50% at participating locations. Brad will discuss what you need to get started on creating a comprehensive waste program to drive savings. I recently participated in a prep call with the presenters and I’m excited for them to share their industry knowledge with our webinar participants!

Whether you have been asked to create a recycling program or are exploring ways to add cost savings to your bottom line, you won’t want to miss this session.

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