Guest Blogger Talks about Staples Being Named To the Global 100 Sustainability Index

Bob Valair

It is an honor to be recognized as the only retailer in North America named to the Global 100 Sustainability Index. The Global 100 Sustainability Index, now in its tenth year, is a ranking of the world’s most sustainable corporations. Inclusion in the Global 100 is determined using 12 key performance indicators including energy, carbon, water and waste productivity, as well as innovation, safety performance, and leadership diversity.


At Staples, we are committed to making more sustainable choices and offering our customers environmentally responsible products and services, both in-store and online. And, not only are we committed to our customers, but internally we apply good sustainable business practices. From an energy perspective, we have been working on our energy savings and carbon footprint reduction for decades. We have successfully reduced our energy consumption year after year with a great impact to the environment and our bottom line.

Staples exceeds sustainability goals by working with good quality companies who are committed to energy efficiency. We couldn’t be successful and have impressive results without Ecova as part of our energy strategy and implementation. Ecova is a true partner, who first understands our business, which is critical in analyzing and keeping us on track, and secondly always going beyond their commitment. They work with us side-by-side, day-by-day, and do more than expected. It’s just not about paying bills.

Today’s energy market is more complex than ever and with accurate and reliable data provided by Ecova, it allows us to benchmark our entire portfolio and then analyze and take action for impactful savings. It all comes down to measuring performance and Ecova helps us do just that and more. Ecova is a key component of our energy team, working with our facilities and maintenance staff to put the right strategy and controls in place based on good data. The data also helps us in negotiating contracts and finding additional savings opportunities. For example, they help us develop best practices in lighting, HVAC, VFD, demand response and energy awareness, which all are beneficial to the bottom line. It’s always good to have a second set of eyes on the data and Ecova is there to analyze our utility bills from working with over 800 utilities, looking for mistakes, finding opportunities and minimizing our risk while making great strides in understanding our data.

We work with companies who hold themselves to high standards and Ecova exceeds that standard. They are an extension of the Staples team, even though they are hours away. We have the confidence they are making good decisions to keep Staples a leader in the industry, as is evident by our inclusion in the Global 100 Sustainability Index.

We value our partnership with Ecova, and together we’ve grown and increased our efficiency, and we’re light years ahead of the industry with their help.

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