The Ecova Platform: A New Energy and Sustainability Management Software Solution

Jeff Heggedahl

I’m happy to share a major milestone for Ecova: Today we announced the availability of the Ecova Energy and Sustainability Management Platform, an enterprise software solution designed to help commercial and industrial clients manage, analyze and report on their resource usage data through one intuitive platform.

The Ecova Platform is a powerful tool that translates data and insight into action, and provides our commercial and industrial clients with the information needed to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability goals. One of the many benefits of the Ecova Platform is that it is an all-in-one solution, removing the need to use separate applications or databases for facility, accounting, cost and resource consumptive data, which can be a major cause of data and accounting inaccuracies.

The Platform is built on next-generation technology architecture that delivers the scalability and security required by large-scale organizations today. There are many features and benefits that make the Ecova Platform first class, including enhanced reporting and viewing features that provide users the capability to gauge consumption and cost trends at the macro level or drill down into individual bill, line item or location information via integration with digital mapping technology. It offers customizable access to information and reporting features depending on the needs of the organization, while enhanced configuration and reporting tools provide insight across the broad spectrum of energy and sustainability management, including energy, water, waste, telecom and carbon.

I’m very proud of what we have accomplished with the Platform and of our many employees who have worked so hard to make it happen. We’re enthusiastic about the difference the Platform will make for our clients, including the 24% of the Fortune 500 that we support in reducing their energy consumption as well as their overall savings and performance.

I encourage you to watch this short video overview of the Platform and then reach out to us with any questions or to schedule a live demonstration.

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