Real-Time and Expense Data: The Next Step in Energy Management

Vladi Shunturov, Lucid Design Group

Lucid and Ecova have partnered to integrate real-time meter data with comprehensive expense, rate, tariff and usage data for a holistic analytical tool for facilities, finance, and sustainability teams. This alliance comes at just the right time: as more companies realize that electricity isn’t a fixed cost, these teams need to increase the level of insight into their energy management efforts in order to keep costs under control.

Analyzing expense data to identify opportunities for improvement is a valid and proven strategy for energy management. Adding real-time data provides the immediacy needed to make decisions that can have a near-term effect on the bottom line and improve facilities’ energy efficiency over the long term.

Lucid specializes in integrating metering and building systems data into a single, online platform―an “operating system” for buildings, called BuildingOS. To provide both broad and deep visibility into a portfolio’s performance, our combined solution seamlessly unifies Ecova’s utility data with Lucid’s real-time data from over 150 supported metering and building systems technologies.

Once the inefficiencies are identified, one of the next steps is to change behavior. Lucid pioneered the field of behavior change in commercial buildings, demonstrating that up to half of electricity loads are at the discretion of the building’s occupants. Ecova and Lucid are also providing Building Dashboard, an occupant engagement platform, which enables real-time energy reduction competitions and empowers occupants to reduce personal plug and lighting loads and act as supplemental “eyes and ears” for detecting problems.

Combining expense data from Ecova with real-time meter data from Lucid, BuildingOS instantly determines which facilities stand to benefit the most from energy efficiency investments.

Once facilities with the best ROI potential have been targeted, Ecova’s experienced Energy Managers will make sure that insights are identified, reviewed for recommendations, and communicated to your organization. With an Ecova Energy Manager serving as an extension of your team, you can make decisions faster without adding additional staff.

Whether you’re just getting started with energy management or have spent significant resources on it, this combined offering from Ecova and Lucid will broaden your visibility, help you maximize your facilities’ efficiency and quickly shed energy expenses.

We look forward to showing you the capabilities of this combined solution firsthand. Click here to request a demo.

lucid-logoVladi Shunturov is Lucid’s co-founder and CEO, serving in a previous position as CTO. Vladi co-developed Building Dashboard and managed Lucid’s product and engineering teams, and laid the groundwork for BuildingOS. A recipient of prestigious national and international awards, including from the U.S. EPA and Clean Tech Open, Vladi has multiple publications in the field and has delivered many distinguished presentations, including TEDx. Prior to Lucid, he helped pioneer groundbreaking research in monitoring and display systems and real-time feedback technology. Vladi holds a BA with high honors in Environmental Studies and Computer Science from Oberlin College.

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