The Waste Industry is Evolving

Erik Makinson

I’m excited to host Ecova’s upcoming webinar, The Waste Industry is Evolving: Be Sure Your Margins Don’t Go Extinct  on August 14.

We picked this topic because it’s important that our clients understand the changes that are underway within the waste industry. Waste disposal costs are going up due to increases in several foundational elements shared by all industry service providers. For example, in the last 10 years, the cost of diesel fuel has more than doubled and tipping fees (the per-ton rate charged by landfills to waste haulers) have increased by approximately 32 percent. Waste haulers have passed these costs along to their customers in order to stay in business.

Even with increased waste costs, there are still savings opportunities for businesses. Quick wins can be identified through procuring waste hauling services (where allowed) and right-sizing containers to ensure that your business is not paying for more service than you require. Both activities, however, are short-term fixes. Costs will continue to rise and, eventually, they will erode the savings achieved. The best waste management practice is to follow the good old 3 R’s―Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. After all, disposing of waste isn’t expensive if you don’t have any!

Please join me on August 14 for an informative 30 minutes as I share insights on the waste industry and ideas for creating sustaining value for your business. You can get additional details about the webinar and watch it here.

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