Energy Management and Benchmarking For Multifamily Housing

Patrick Everitt

I recently had the honor of participating with Mike Zatz of the EPA, Peter Zadoretzky of Bozzuto Management Company, and Amy Jewel of the City Energy Project in an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) panel that explored Multifamily Energy Reporting. The panel was sponsored by our client Ocius and the Chicagoland Apartment Association and centered on the EPA’s new ENERGY STAR® rating system for multifamily housing.

As a panelist, I presented on the long-standing partnership between Ecova and ENERGY STAR, as well how we assist our clients in obtaining an ENERGY STAR rating or getting a building ENERGY STAR certified. I also presented on the services we offer, which include Outlier Investigation and the Resource Benchmarking Report. Ecova is very proud of the partnership we have built with ENERGY STAR and our ten consecutive “Partner of the Year” awards.

Chicago is one of the growing cities or municipalities that require buildings to be benchmarked in Portfolio Manager and reported to the city on an annual basis. Many of the multifamily buildings in Chicago are large structures that will fall into the benchmarking ordinance. The panelists discussed how the ordinance will impact them and some of the difficulties encountered by multifamily building owners and managers. The ultimate goal of the panel was to educate multifamily property owners and managers about the new ENERGY STAR rating system, as well as how the Chicago ordinance will impact their buildings and responsibilities to gather and report data.

Throughout the panel and the Q&A session, it became very clear that energy management and benchmarking are important to the multifamily sector. Although gathering data from tenants can be a difficult process, benchmarking is extremely important for building owners to understand their resource consumption and then take action to drive down resource consumption. As more cities and municipalities require benchmarking, the ability to quickly gather data and report to the appropriate city or municipality becomes critical.

I was honored to be a part of this important panel and look forward to our continued partnership with ENERGY STAR. For more information about Ecova’s ENERGY STAR services, please contact us.

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