Ecova’s New Waste Manager Module Will Help Clients Shrink Waste for 2015

Erik Makinson

ecova-platform-dashboard-2015-blogIt’s a new year and a lot of us have our minds on what we want to accomplish in 2015. After a holiday of over-consumption, some of us are probably focusing on our waist sizes, but here at Ecova, we’re more focused on the size of our clients’ waste―namely, how to track it, manage it, and ultimately pay less for it. This year the task will be easier than ever thanks to the new Waste Manager module on the Ecova Energy and Sustainability Management Platform.

The introduction of the Waste Manager module on the Ecova Platform is an exciting milestone for us and our clients. The module enhances the existing Expense Management functionality with new waste and recycling reports and features, for a more cost-effective way for multi-site businesses to track, analyze and report on key waste metrics across their portfolio. Clients will have better visibility into their waste cost, generation and diversion metrics, enabling greater financial savings and environmental benefits.

Additionally, Ecova clients can now submit work orders online 24 hours per day, 365 days per year―whether they desire a larger dumpster, need to report a missed pick-up or need their compactor emptied.

Businesses that rely solely on reports from their service provider may be missing critical pieces of data or opportunities. But every day, Ecova’s world-class Waste Solutions delivery team, rich in industry expertise, delights clients by providing cost reducing services to sites. Our new Waste Manager module will enhance the robust suite of waste services that Ecova provides, which consistently demonstrates between 10 and 20 percent (or more) savings for our clients.

Contact us today to learn how you can shrink your waste in 2015.

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