The Next Generation of Commercial Program Delivery Is Here

Ross Lancaster

Recently Ecova surveyed more than 500 companies about how they utilize their energy data to inform decisions on energy efficiency. Some are Ecova’s commercial clients – that utilize our data analysis expertise – and some have dedicated in-house resources to track and manage the data.

Client or not, the majority of respondents (81 percent) reported that energy is their number one savings and improvement opportunity, and 52 percent of respondents indicated they leverage energy data to support their strategic energy and sustainability plans. Of the non-Ecova clients, many conceded that a lack of experience in analyzing energy data may be leading to lost opportunities in targeting and implementing the most effective efficiency projects.

What does this mean for utilities? Businesses of all sizes are making energy efficiency a business priority – and they’re looking for strong utility partners to meet them halfway. Companies realize that to truly impact energy costs, savings initiatives must extend beyond the low-hanging fruit and involve more robust energy and sustainability programs, but many may not know where to start. Utilities can help by sharing access to the data and information needed to gain executive buy-in.

Ecova’s commercial program design and delivery is based on data-driven engagement, rooted in our unique relationships with thousands of businesses across the country. Our profound knowledge of the commercial market is combined with proven utility program delivery and best-in-class savings management tools, like the Ecova Efficiency Platform, to enable utilities to conduct targeted, personalized, and cost-effective engagements with commercial customers of all sizes. This tool gives utilities insight and data they can also share with their commercial customers to support the development of the next generation of utility commercial programs.

The better utilities are meeting their customer needs for strategic energy management, the more they can deliver cost-effective programs and gain a more loyal and engaged commercial customer.

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