Holiday Retirement Bucks 10-Year Trend of Increasing Waste Disposal Costs

Erik Makinson

I’m excited to announce the release of the most recent ENGIE Insight Waste Solutions case study highlighting our work with Holiday Retirement, a national chain with over 300 senior living facilities spanning 43 states. Holiday Retirement has been, and continues to be, an outstanding client partner to ENGIE Insight. ENGIE Insight and Holiday Retirement have mutually benefited from this relationship. ENGIE Insight was able to break a decade-long trend of steady price increases on waste disposal costs by delivering 13 percent savings to sites that ENGIE Insight procured or right-sized.


The benefit did not stop at the bottom line. Holiday Retirement’s environmental commitment is an important part of their business and draws attention from residents and their families. One of the most visible expressions of this commitment is through recycling and composting. To date, ENGIE Insight has helped Holiday Retirement increase the number of communities that are recycling by 45 percent. For example, at one site ENGIE Insight alerted Holiday Retirement to a local program, facilitated by Ramsey Co., granting Holiday Retirement several thousand dollars worth of recycling bins and on-the-ground implementation support. The comprehensiveness of this site’s recycling and composting program provided a template for Holiday Retirement to apply across the chain.

It’s my honor to present with Holiday Retirement, Ramsey Co., and Whole Foods at the upcoming US Zero Waste Business Council Conference on May 7th in Los Angeles. We will be sharing both the opportunities and challenges associated with connecting national chains to local programs.

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