A Tool to Help Companies Focus Their Water Efficiency Efforts

Ken Holiday

In late 2013, Ecova announced a new water analysis tool to help companies focus their water efficiency efforts. The tool analyzes bill data for water consumption and identifies facilities that consume outside of the normal range for a company’s building portfolio. Given the recent restrictions on water use in California, we wanted to share the information below as it is still very relevant to companies needing to understand and manage their water consumption.

As seen in the chart below, water prices increased nearly 30 percent between 2008-2012 – a significant trend revealed in our whitepaper, “A Big Data Look at Energy Trends: 2008-2012.”

Rising water prices alone drive a need to understand which facirising-water-unit-costslities are using more water than your portfolio average and then to investigate why. Once you understand which facilities you should be focused on, by using Ecova’s Resource Benchmarking Report – water analysis tool, we can investigate why those facilities are outliers and recommend water efficiency projects for implementation.

There are also a number of no- or low-cost investments companies can make, such as faucet aerators or low-flush toilets, to reduce water consumption. One of our multi-site restaurant clients, Shari’s Café & Pies, projected water savings of nearly $1M through two initiatives, one of which was a simple faucet aerator installation project – at $8 per faucet.

Watch the “Water Causing a Drain on Resources?” webinar to learn how Ecova can help you identify facilities to focus your water efficiency efforts and recommend the right projects for each facility.

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