The Value of EMS: Survey Results and Analysis

Jamie Daubenspeck
Continuous Monitoring

When businesses decide to invest in an Energy Management System (EMS), they are making a commitment to managing energy and operational resources and delivering measurable results. From the moment EMS is installed management, maintenance, and efficiency become inextricably linked.

To understand better where the market is today, specifically how companies, select, maintain and manage these systems and their data to drive value to their organization, Ecova conducted a survey that includes a year-over-year analysis of changes since 2013. We’re pleased to share an overview of the key findings:

  • The majority of respondents – 82 percent – indicated they have EMS installed at some or all of their facilities. Sixty-eight percent – led by big box retail and lodging – indicated EMS is installed at more than half of their facilities, up from 45 percent in 2013.
  • Ninety percent of respondents reported seeing value in trend telemetry data offered by EMS, and use this data to identify equipment issues, troubleshoot complaints, benchmark energy savings, and manage and plan for HVAC, equipment and lighting upgrades.
  • While 56 percent of respondents collect and analyze 15-minute interval data, it is not being managed consistently, specifically with trend telemetry data.
  • Another challenge we uncovered through our survey was return on investment (ROI). Only 52 percent of companies with EMS received an ROI analysis before installing the system and 62 percent are unsure or not achieving their expected ROI. This can be attributed to lack of expertise or manpower to properly oversee and manage the systems.
  • Purchasing criteria has shifted. Integration with current assets and infrastructure is now the number one consideration for EMS, while cost/price comes in second.


While results indicate the use of EMS is growing with client portfolios, there are many opportunities to further leverage these systems and the data insights that they provide. Ecova’s Continuous Monitoring & Management service helps clients manage these systems, support alarm management, and collection and analysis of the data. EMS data provides further insight into operational and asset level performance concerns to support greater return on investment.

To read the complete survey results, download the 2015 Ecova Industry Survey: The Value of Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Trend Telemetry Data.

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