Introducing Ecova’s New Secret Weapon for AP and Finance Professionals

Jami Marler

Accounts payable and finance professionals are on the front lines of today’s corporate decision-making activities. Not only are you working hard to ensure that the bills are paid on time, you’re the first to raise the red flag when you see something amiss, the first point of contact when team members have questions, and the first person called to support financial decisions that will benefit the company.

Among the sea of vendor invoices received each month, it’s the utility invoices that often amount to one of the top three largest operating expenses for a company. Across multi-site businesses, finance professionals are doing their best to manage the multitude of these utility bills across hundreds or even thousands of vendors with varying systems, bill periods and bill-level data. These factors often lead to missed bills, late fees, shut-offs or even overpayments. Plus, data from the utility bill is rarely captured and analyzed to spot overlapping service dates, billing and meter errors, spikes in consumption and demand, or other usage anomalies – all of which can significantly limit your organization’s ability to strategically manage these expenses.

These bills also contain a wealth of information that you can share with stakeholders across your organization. The data can help identify savings opportunities, improve budgets and forecasting, and inform decision-making for capital expenditures to support energy efficiency projects. So that leads us to the million dollar question – what is your plan to manage your utility bill data?
ap-ebook-5Here to help you build that plan, Ecova is excited to introduce its new ebook, titled Utility Bill Data. It’s the secret weapon just for AP and finance professionals to help you manage costs and address stakeholder questions. This ebook is a great reference for what you need to know about collecting and reviewing utility data, using data to create defensible utility budgets, and learning how energy and facility teams can benefit from your good utility data practices, all the while saving the company time and money.

We also invite you to answer a very short, six-question assessment about what type of utility data is driving your financial decisions. This assessment is recommended for all AP and finance professionals who support a multi-site business.

We hope you enjoy this new resource from Ecova.

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