Learn How to Be Your Company’s Hero by Unlocking the Power of Utility Bill Data

Jami Marler

Finance, accounts payable, energy and facility professionals – Ecova feels your pain! You do your superhuman best every day to manage thousands of invoices across hundreds or even thousands of utilities with varying systems, bill periods and bill-level detail. All these variables can make efficient utility expense and data management a struggle – and any data errors can quickly become larger problems down the line, especially when it comes to budgeting and forecasting.

You hold in your hands the valuable data that can help your company control utility costs – everything from billing and meter errors to spikes in consumption and demand. Do you know how to unlock the value hidden in the thousands of bills you receive each month?

View our recorded webinar, “Utility Bill Data: AP Secrets for Success”, where I share strategies that will help you identify billing errors before they become bigger problems and gain visibility into how and where your utility resources are being consumed. This data will enable you to conserve resources and reduce costs – making you a company hero!

We cover the following topics in this 30-minute presentation:

  • Best practices to identify savings opportunities
  • Common billing errors found on utility bills
  • 3 key steps for collecting and reviewing utility data
  • How to present reliable data to finance for imporved financial management and reporting
  • How to beter interface with stakeholders across the organization

Click here to watch this educational webinar.

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