Working On Your 2016 Energy Budget?

Jonathan Lee, Senior Energy Market Intelligence Manager at ENGIE Insight

As discussed in my previous blog post, energy prices are as low as we’ve seen them since 2012 – but we anticipate increases may be heading our way. The balance between record-setting natural gas production and soaring gas-fired electric generation could be the key determinant in price direction. As you begin working on your 2016 energy budget you may have some questions on what you should be planning for. I invite you to join me on September 10th for our “Q3 Energy Market Outlook: What to Know for 2016 Budget Planning” webinar where I plan to cover the following:

  1. Why energy prices are at a three-year low and whether these prices are expected to stay
  2. Fundamental factors affecting the energy market now and in the near future
  3. 2016 energy budget planning tips and factors to keep in mind

Bring your energy market and budget questions and I’ll do my best to address them during the Q&A portion of our session.

I also encourage you to watch this short, personal video invitation from me below.

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