Retroficiency and Ecova to Build Efficiency Together

Bennett Fisher, Chief Strategy Officer & Interim Chief Products Officer at Ecova

I am incredibly excited to share that Retroficiency has joined the Ecova family.

We are combining forces to help deliver on our joint vision of leveraging advanced analytics to scale energy efficiency programs and enable utilities to more effectively engage their commercial and industrial customers.

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Pictured: Stephen Mannhard, Bennett Fisher and Mike Kaplan of Retroficiency.

So what makes this partnership with Ecova so unique and powerful? Retroficiency’s platform has proven to be able to identify opportunities with 2x greater savings potential across large portfolios and drive more than 4x the engaged customers that utilities traditionally experience today. Ecova consistently delivers award-winning utility programs, leveraging its understanding of commercial and industrial customer needs, to get efficiency projects implemented and savings realized. Today, more than ever, utilities are being required to establish deeper relationships with their commercial and industrial customers. Expanding customer choice, increasingly difficult-to-achieve energy savings targets, the proliferation of distributed energy resources, and other emerging dynamics are growing this need every day.

For Ecova’s broad base of commercial and industrial clients, this acquisition enables remote analytics for buildings in Ecova’s energy and sustainability management portfolio of over 700,000 sites. By tapping into the utility bill data that Ecova manages, Retroficiency’s software analytics platform can rapidly create energy models of buildings that accurately identify energy efficiency opportunities at an unmatched speed and scale.

Combined – we will bring new, integrated energy efficiency solutions to customers and partners that can achieve transformational results.

But this is just the beginning. There is much work still to be done if we are going to deliver the energy savings we need not just for our industry, but our planet.

With this partnership between Ecova and Retroficiency, we will truly build efficiency together.

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