What to Know About the Exciting Changes to Ecova’s Total Waste Solution

Erik Makinson

On Friday, October 30th, Ecova announced to our clients that we now have the ability to hold hauler contracts. This change represents the latest enhancement in a 15-year evolution of our waste offering. Many may wonder why we’re making this change, and why now. The answer is a complex blend of reasons based on changes in the marketplace, our clients’ expectations, and Ecova itself. At the end of the day however, the biggest driver was a desire to increase the value that our services deliver.

Over this last year, I’ve traveled the country meeting with clients and speaking with industry stakeholders. What I’ve discovered is that Ecova is known and respected for data transparency, integrity and our robust bill processing engine. Additionally, those clients that work with our waste consulting team appreciate the high caliber of industry expertise, customer service, and savings provided. We also heard, though, that our solution isn’t perfect. In fact, many clients find it a burden to review, negotiate and execute hauler contracts.

In other words, there is a resounding desire for program simplicity and savings without compromising transparency and expert support. We believe that this small but meaningful change will deliver just that. Clients will now enjoy the simplicity of a single, short addendum added to their existing Ecova agreement, and then Ecova will shoulder the responsibility of negotiating and contracting with haulers. This change is expected to not only reduce burden on our clients, but also shorten the time to savings. What we are not changing are the values of integrity and transparency for which Ecova is known. Clients will still have access to the actual hauler invoice and the confidence that our strict accounting standards ensure that the money entrusted to Ecova is actually routed to their own bills.

To learn more about this and our Total Waste Solutions please join me on November 12th for a Solutions webinar: Ecova’s Improved Total Waste Solution: Greater Ease & Savings. We will dive deeper into the new waste delivery model and how it will bring greater value and savings to your business.

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