Announcing Exciting Changes to the Ecova Platform and a New Distributed Energy Resources Solution

Bob Zak

I’m thrilled to announce that the ENGIE Insight Energy and Sustainability Platform—which already supports more than 12,000 unique users with billions of data points to drive energy and sustainability improvements—has added two new user modules to capitalize on emerging opportunities in energy analytics and procurement.

  • Interval Meter Data: This new Platform functionality will provide clients with the ability to spot usage increases on a daily basis—even down to 15-minute granularity—and to evaluate the effectiveness of efficiency projects prior to receiving an invoice. It also provides insight to usage patterns that will aid in demand reduction and distributed energy projects.
  • Energy Supply Management: Market intelligence and energy sourcing opportunities are now right at your fingertips. This new module on the Platform will help our clients determine and implement the best strategies for energy sourcing with in-depth market analytics and reporting. Clients will have greater visibility into contracts, price risk management, hedge tracking and rate assessment in deregulated markets across an entire enterprise.

Why do these improvements matter? ENGIE Insight’s promise is to leverage data and insight to drive action and deliver powerful results for our clients. Over the past several years, there have been several transformations in the energy landscape—in renewable energy, analytics, and Internet-connected metering and analytics. ENGIE Insight is proud to be at the forefront of change, with investments and long term vision to help our clients navigate and capitalize on these new opportunities.

In addition to the Platform enhancements, we’re rolling out our new Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Solution. We are working with clients to identify opportunities at sites across their portfolio for meeting sustainability and efficiency goals through the use of DER. We can evaluate, identify and procure financially viable renewable and other DER opportunities, leveraging a robust vendor network and industry expertise, which saves our clients time and money. In ENGIE Insight’s 2016 Energy and Sustainability Predictions report, more than 60 percent of respondents indicated that had or are considering investments in DER, so clearly it’s an important issue to a majority of our clients.

To learn more about this new solution, I invite you to mark your calendar for Thursday, March 10 to attend our free 30-minute webinar, “Distributed Energy Resources: Challenging the Traditional Grid.” We’ll discuss how integrating a DER solution into your procurement strategy can impact both the environment and drive bottom line savings. Click here to watch.

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