Nevada Constitutional Amendment Proposed to Deregulate Energy Supply

Ben Faulkinberry

An initiative has been set in motion to amend Nevada’s constitution, allowing choice of energy supply to all grid customers in the state. The proposed amendment requires 55,000 signatures by June 21st to appear on the November ballot.

  • In its current form, the amendment would require lawmakers to deregulate power supply for all grid customers. The would-be amendment does not explicitly preclude customers from participating for any reason.
  • Opening energy markets in Nevada would allow energy service companies to compete for grid sales that are roughly comparable to those of Connecticut, which is already deregulated.

The proposed amendment has a long road ahead. Should the measure collect the required number of signatures, it will appear on Nevada’s 2016 ballot. However, because the initiative seeks to amend the state’s constitution, it would have to be approved by voters a second time in 2018. Nevada is the only state which requires a citizen-initiated amendment to be approved by voters twice.

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