Product Announcement: Energy Tracker Dashboard is Now Available on the Ecova Platform

Ian Bowman

The energy landscape is changing, from the Internet of Things and emerging advances to analytics, to COP21, to one thing is certain; the world of energy procurement is evolving.

For Energy Managers today, 15-year market price lows and distributed energy resources challenging
the traditional grid have provided a surge in energy options; raising many questions on energy procurement strategy and risk tolerance. Having visibility into your entire enterprise portfolio and
quick access to current market conditions is essential for recognizing, evaluating and quickly acting on new opportunities.

energy-tracker-dashboardLast week, ENGIE Insight announced the launch of the Energy Supply Management module to the ENGIE Insight Platform. Through this, users gain insights into current market intelligence for clear and concise sourcing guidance, curated by ENGIE Insight’s team of experts; and can also access contracts (executed & expiring) for quick decision making on timely sourcing opportunities. The new Hedge Tracker, Document Library, and Contract Manager functions will offer resources and visuals into contract details down to the site level and a common location to access reports, providing a greater level of understanding into your portfolio.

Staying current on this dramatically changing scene is critical, and having the right tools to support strategic decision-making will not only lend to greater savings, but support delivering on long term company goals.

To see this new module in action, contact us for a brief demo.

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