2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

Hester Yorgey

At ENGIE Insight (formerly Ecova), we relish our role as leaders in energy and sustainability management who practice what we preach.

Our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report demonstrates this point amply.

We made great strides in 2015, the third year of reporting corporate responsibility results to our stakeholders. We set goals in four key areas—employees, clients, community and environment. And in three out of four of those areas we exceeded our targets, in some cases by significant margins.

We’re particularly proud of our accomplishments in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, both for our clients and for ourselves. In our two-year goal period (2014-2015), we helped clients identify $1.3 billion in cost savings and 27.8 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (tCO2e) through comprehensive resource management programs. And we reduced our own business-related GHG emissions by 1,500 tCO2e from our 2012 baseline.

Our goals for 2016 will build on those achievements in the same four areas:

  • Employees: Provide 40,000 training and professional development hours to our employees
  • Clients: Identify $550 million in cost savings and 9 million tCO2e GHG emissions reductions for our clients
  • Community: Contribute 9,000 hours through volunteer and other community outreach efforts
  • Environment: Reduce our own business-related GHG emissions by 3 percent from our 2015 baseline

As the reality of global climate change materializes in drought, storm and melting ice, our industry must play a pivotal role as change makers. Even as utilities and companies have made progress at generating and using energy wisely, the challenges grow thornier. We need to leverage the incredible power of innovative thinking, passionate and progressive leadership, and cutting-edge technology to drive solutions that will meet these challenges. As the quote from Michael Green makes clear in the introduction to our report, we can solve the major issues of our time—but not with business as usual.

We look forward to taking on these new challenges. And we’re committed to being leaders in this field, continually driving sustainable results for ourselves and our stakeholders.

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