A Recipe for Success: Food Waste 201

Arnold Bowers, Business Solutions Director at ENGIE Insight

You’ve gotten a taste for food waste challenges and opportunities from ENGIE Insight’s informational blog and webinar. But now it’s time we share the steps to building a successful waste program.

The regulatory environment is becoming more complex, lapses in your waste program can cost your company money and be detrimental to your public image. This is why data of the highest quality is imperative. Detailed knowledge of your waste stream- what it’s composed of, where the food waste is coming from, and how much is being produced- can help you navigate the instability of such a changing environment.

Legislative and economic conditions are creating tremendous growth in the food waste and composting industries, with new technologies forming and old ones being refined. But this growth and these new options have created a paradox of choice. Insight can help cut through the noise and address specific challenges and find the right opportunities for you.

With quality data and useful insight, action can be taken and the fruits of your labor can be harvested. A successful food waste program has the potential to not only create financial savings and improve your bottom line, but to set you apart in today’s environmentally savvy landscape.

Join us on our April 26th webinar Starving The Landfills: Food Waste 201 to hear more about how Data, Insight, and Action can help drive powerful results for your business.

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