Ecova Identifies $2.1B Savings for Our Clients

Martin Sieh, Chief Operating Officer at ENGIE Insight

ENGIE Insight’s work is founded on our mission to architect the future of energy, carbon, water and waste through data, insight and action. And – despite extreme market disruption and change to the energy landscape – ENGIE Insight (formerly Ecova) has identified $2.1 billion in cost savings since 2013 for our commercial and industrial clients through a comprehensive suite of resource management programs.

How did we help clients realize $2.1 billion in savings?

ENGIE Insight’s approach to driving meaningful results lies in leveraging data to uncover insights that pin-point areas where it makes sense to take action. This approach gives clients complete visibility into their multi-sight portfolios and allows for greater control over resource allocation and focus. ENGIE Insight not only identifies and finds opportunities for our clients, but also drives bottom line savings through several energy and sustainability programs. By leveraging data from utility bills, meters and energy management systems, ENGIE Insight’s teams of experts have the insight to identify savings opportunities such as energy and water performance inefficiencies, malfunctioning equipment and the avoidance of maintenance service calls, utility and vendor billing errors, utility rate optimization, and other opportunities to reduce energy and other resource consumption.

2015 Facility Savings Blog Image

We’re not stopping there…

ENGIE Insight is passionate about energy and sustainability management and helping our clients achieve their goals –and, although we’re extremely proud of the savings we’ve helped clients realize, we have no plans on stopping there. We are growing our offerings to help clients fully implement strategies and programs that take their management of energy, water, carbon and waste to the next level.

To see how investing in energy and sustainability has paid off for our clients and to learn about market forces at work, visit our 2015 savings infographic.

As a part of ENGIE, ENGIE Insight has new resources and a growing global footprint that are accelerating our growth and our solutions portfolio. We are investing in innovative technology and in the people who will lead the energy transition. To learn more about ENGIE Insight’s vision for the future of energy and sustainability, visit our FUTURE page.

Martin Sieh, Chief Facility Operations Officer

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