Energy Is Everyone’s Business – Across the Globe

Martin Sieh, Chief Operating Officer at ENGIE Insight

On April 22, Earth Day, representatives from 175 countries convened at the UN meeting in New York City and signed the COP21 Paris Agreement, which was adopted this past December in Paris. The agreement outlines the collective path forward for national, state and municipal governments around the globe to keep global temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius this century.

What you may not know is that this important agreement between nations will impact business on a global scale. This global energy transition movement is characterized by decarbonization, the development of renewable energy sources, and by reduced consumption thanks to energy efficiency and the digital revolution.

Following on the heels of our recent announcement regarding expanded operational capabilities through Ecova UK, we are excited to announce that we are launching international solutions that will help our clients manage and report on energy costs and consumption throughout Europe and beyond.

ENGIE Insight sees energy and sustainability management as not only a global challenge but a global opportunity. ENGIE Insight and ENGIE uphold that energy is everyone’s business: employees, shareholders, partners and customers, because collectively we are energy’s architects. That’s why we are working with ENGIE and our clients to act together, be optimistic, and implement solutions that will change the daily lives of everyone and bring the benefit of greater energy efficiency to business and our climate.

These solutions provide companies visibility into energy cost and consumption across their portfolio of locations on a multinational scale through one user interface, the ENGIE Insight Platform. Through this insight, geographically diverse companies are able to enact a holistic energy strategy built on a solid foundation of complete and accurate data.

Complete and accurate data is necessary to understand energy consumption, drive insights and enable strategic management decisions across global portfolios. As ENGIE Insight expands the reach of its solutions, multi-national companies will see the benefit of a centralized energy management strategy with one user interface for visibility.


Expense and Data ManagementMaximize energy efficiency across global portfolios with Global Data Management. ENGIE Insight provides an integrated utility data management solution that specializes in data collection, capture, completeness checks, audit and analysis, and global business reporting. Additionally, ENGIE Insight manages international complexities for you, such as normalizing units of measure, bill formats and currencies.


Carbon Management ServicesStrategically manage carbon performance and seamlessly report on global carbon emissions with Carbon Reporting and Consulting. ENGIE Insight’s CDP accredited carbon software and consulting solutions have been taking the complexity out of robust data management, facilitating world class global carbon emissions reporting and empowering clients to strategically manage carbon reduction and improve performance for nearly five years.


Intelligence and BenchmarkingDetermine the root cause of changes and trends on a global scale through internal and external Benchmarking. Empower those on your team responsible for global energy management by providing quick insights to optimize programs.



Energy Procurement and Risk ManagementMake decisions based on global competitive price transparency that fit your companies’ budgets and strategies with Strategic Energy Sourcing.



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