Building on Analytics Capabilities, Ecova adds New Platform Functions

Sheila Johnston

The ENGIE Insight Platform is at the center of all ENGIE Insight’s (formerly Ecova) business solutions. By combining historical and near real-time data with flexible data visualization and reporting tools, the Platform grants insight into energy consumption trends and opportunities across an organization’s facilities portfolio. ENGIE Insight knows that for energy and facility professionals who are overseeing energy efficiency programs for multi-site facilities portfolios, being able to capture, benchmark and view data in a way that is versatile and intuitive is not just beneficial, but critical. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of two new analytics tools to the ENGIE Insight Platform: Weather Normalization and Portfolio Benchmarking.

Weather Normalization

Enhance your essential energy reporting with weather normalization, which enables a more comprehensive and flexible analysis to account for the significant impact of weather on your portfolio. To normalize weather data to meet ENGIE Insight’s data quality standards, a statistical regression will be applied to determine whether there is indeed a correlation between weather and electric and natural gas use. If there is a strong correlation, the model is used to normalize usage to reflect a ten year average weather pattern.

Weather normalization will allow you to:

  • Determine the true impact of weather on usage and cost
  • Improve forecasts, strategic planning and analysis
  • Better measure the impact of energy programs and investments
  • Validate assumptions

Portfolio Benchmarking

Bring more dynamic reporting to your organization with new functionality, views, and insight into what is driving energy consumption and change across your entire portfolio. A new intuitive interface allows clients to dig deeper into the reports and obtain more data, trends, and regional anomalies. Users can view reports by the unique parameters that make sense, whether it’s a high-level global view or down to site level.

Portfolio Benchmarking will allow you to:

  • Increase the accuracy of facility performance comparisons with one data set
  • Convert disparate energy units (therm, kWh) into one common unit
  • Highlight the outliers that matter to you, allowing you to adjust year-over-year change
  • Tell the whole story with multiple graphs: portfolio-wide usage trends, cost drivers, and outliers all in one view

Built on the foundation of ENGIE Insight’s warehouse of quality data, Weather Normalization and Portfolio Benchmarking join a suite of other tools and resources offered on the ENGIE Insight Platform.  Learn more about the analytics offerings by visiting our Energy Benchmarking and Intelligence Services webpage and discover the ENGIE Insight difference.

Ecova is now ENGIE Insight

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