Feeling Thankful for an Exceptional 2016

Jana Schmidt, President & CEO, Ecova

Every year, the holiday season gives me the chance to reflect on the months that preceded it. This year is no different. In considering the many successes in 2016, there’s only one word that sums up my feelings about this year: thankful.

For Our Incredible Employees

I’m thankful for our team of diverse, dedicated employees who are passionate about helping our clients succeed. They are truly an exceptional team who go above and beyond for our clients and represent our core values of Passion, Agility, Responsibility and Collaboration. Our collective strengths are what set us apart and help us deliver powerful results – and I am so proud of them.

For the Opportunities to Help Our Clients Succeed

I’m thankful to the valued business and utility clients who entrust us with their partnership, collaboratively aligning ENGIE Insight’s services with their corporate goals and strategy.

I’m thankful for the excellence and innovation that enables ENGIE Insight to help our clients across the country—from Caesars Entertainment to Con Edison—use resources efficiently, serve customers more effectively and thrive organizationally.

In October, we held our first annual Ecova Insight conference, bringing together more than 100 businesses and utility companies to explore, discuss, and collaborate on some of the most pressing energy and sustainability management challenges and opportunities. The attendees were truly the heart and soul of the event, reminding us of the need to stop working in isolation and to start leveraging our strength in numbers. The energy landscape is more complex than ever, and we must unite to develop meaningful solutions that are good for our customers and good for our planet.

For Companies and Countries who are Leading the Way

Companies are rethinking their approach to resource use because it benefits their reputation and their bottom line. Utilities are reimagining their business model in order to strengthen customer relationships and better manage their operations. Our services are at the fulcrum of these exciting changes—and that is why I am as confident as I have ever been that our strategy to architect the future of energy, water, waste, and carbon through data, insight and action is the right one for today and our future.

This time last year ENGIE Insight signed the Climate Declaration, joining more than 1,000 American companies and thousands of individuals urging the public, policymakers and business leaders to seize the economic opportunity in tackling climate change. As stated on the Climate Declaration page, “Leading is what we have always done. And by working together, regardless of politics, we’ll do it again.” We are honored to be a part of ENGIE, a global leader in the energy transition, who is discontinuing coal development and oil exploration worldwide, investing in renewables and energy efficiency services, and providing distributed solutions for generating electricity.

History was made on November 5, 2016 when the Paris Agreement entered into force. As of today 112 of 197 Parties have ratified to the Conventions. And just last week at COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, the first long-term strategies have been submitted by the United States, Mexico and Germany. The world is making true progress.

For Time to Reflect

I hope that this time of year provides us all with the chance to reflect on our own successes and to enjoy the company of family and friends. As we prepare for the year to come, I am more confident than ever in our collective ability to build upon 2016’s successes and navigate the new energy future together.

“Do you think the world is going to be a better place next year? In the next decade? Can we end hunger, achieve gender equality, halt climate change? Can this vision for a better world really be achieved? We’ve run the numbers, and the answer, shockingly, is that maybe we actually can. But not with business as usual.”
– Michael Green, TEDGlobal London, Sept 2015

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jana Schmidt

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