Congratulations to Our Client Havertys on Exceeding Energy Goals Early

Jamie Daubenspeck

As the end of the year approaches, it’s natural for us to start thinking about our goals and ambitions for next year. This is true not only for individuals but businesses as well. However, for the latter, it’s essential to be planning and strategizing for several years out, especially when it comes to energy and sustainability goals. With the current global focus on energy and carbon reductions in business, I’d like to share one company’s success in setting and reaching an important energy reduction goal.

Havertys Furniture made a commitment to energy efficiency in 2010: to reduce energy use across their company by 20 percent by 2020. However, with 7 million square feet of retail storefront, offices and warehouse space, limited tools for collecting or managing energy data, and no foundation from which to build an energy strategy, this goal would take time and planning. To address these challenges, the company formed a cross-functional team which mapped a five-year plan with the following goals:

  • Claim sustainability as a competitive strategy
  • Complete current-state assessments, including baseline metrics
  • Set energy reduction goals and timeframes, beginning with increasing awareness and reducing electric energy use (kWh) by 5% the first year

This is where ENGIE Insight entered the picture, providing Havertys with the means to collect energy data and insight into usage patterns for tracking costs. We also helped Havertys develop and implement a consistent energy management strategy.

Through this partnership, Havertys implemented data-driven solutions to capture, analyze and benchmark their energy, waste, facility and maintenance data. Fast forward to the end of 2015, and the company had already reduced energy use by 22 percent, exceeding their 2020 goal by five years!

Aside from the improved operational efficiencies and savings, Havertys was able to pinpoint other value added projects, including:

  • A 16% reduction in energy use in one year at one re-commissioned store.
  • An LED retrofit pilot that reduced electric energy consumption by over by 40-60% between sites in just two years.
  • An HVAC retrofit that reduced energy consumption by about 20% at a single location and provided data to support similar retrofits throughout the company.

These results are amazing but best of all, they can be duplicated at companies of every size across North America. Click here to read more about Havertys success. What are your company’s goals for 2017 and beyond? Whether they seem manageable, overwhelming, or somewhere in between, ENGIE Insight can be your partner in realizing success.

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