Your Facilities Hidden Value Part 2: Bridging the Gap Between CMMS & Energy Management System

Jamie Daubenspeck

For businesses that operate across multiple sites, managing critical business systems in a consistent and efficient way can prove challenging. While most organizations use an Energy Management System (EMS) to monitor the performance of HVAC, lighting, controls and refrigeration systems, few have a centralized approach to optimizing performance, and addressing failures. And the majority of companies lack the technology and resources needed to respond proactively to the warning signs of system failure, resulting in a highly reactive approach that can lead to costly emergency service calls. As a result, many companies spend far more than they need to on maintenance and repair dispatches—and with an average of six service calls per site every month, the costs can really add up.

ENGIE Insight’s Continuous Monitoring and Management Service provides the technology and resources needed for businesses to shift to a proactive approach, saving businesses money while optimizing system performance. EMS data is used to ensure optimal system performance and identify upcoming or ongoing failures; a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) then supports proper communication and reporting, dispatches a service provider, and tracks all activity to ensure a standardized process for maintenance is completed. The result is a consistent solution that:

  • Allows issues to be addressed before system failures compromise business operations
  • Prevents service providers from being dispatched unnecessarily or with incorrect information while reducing the need for future maintenance visits
  • Connects businesses to vetted service providers who perform repairs accurately and cost-effectively
  • Manages warranty work and recalled work orders, and ensures compliance with a standardized, established process flow for system maintenance

At the heart of this service is a core team of technical experts, staffing ENGIE Insight’s Operations Control Center 24/7/365. This vital team closely monitors system performance, allowing them to anticipate and troubleshoot potential issues, then resolve issues remotely or identify the underlying cause to intelligently dispatch a service provider. Their support means that businesses experience fewer service calls and recalled work orders, and can even avoid costly product losses due to refrigeration failures.

The ability to resolve issues remotely and intelligently dispatch service providers positions ENGIE Insight as an invaluable conduit between EMS and CMMS data. Our Continuous Monitoring and Management Service delivers approximately $300 in savings with each avoided service call.  For large multisite companies fielding multiple calls at each site every month, this is no small change. By adopting a smarter, more integrated approach to monitoring and maintenance, ENGIE Insight’s clients are keeping costs low today while addressing tomorrow’s issues before they arise.

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Keep reading in 2017 as we explore proactive approaches to uncovering hidden value within your facility through our multi-part blog series or register for our upcoming webinar.

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