Leveraging the Data in Your Dumpster: Understanding Your Waste Stream Today

Laura Holcomb

Waste is an unfortunate part of every business: we all generate it, and we all have to pay to dispose of it. As with utilities, understanding your use and cost data can help improve service and reduce spend. This requires:

  • Gathering accurate data
  • Having market transparency and pricing insight
  • Understanding vendor behaviors
  • Evaluating data to identify trends and outliers

So let’s see how to make your waste data work for you!

Translating “Garbage-ese”

First, you need to get the data. With other utilities, the best place to find this information is your invoice; but if you’ve ever looked at your garbage bill, it can be a little like reading a foreign language! Waste invoices often use obscure industry-specific terms, and while they always show cost, they often don’t show usage. If you manage many sites across a broad geography, you could be managing hundreds if not thousands of different waste haulers, and it can be daunting to try to make apples-to-apples comparisons throughout your portfolio.

Thank You for Holding, Please Hold.

How do you get your waste data if it’s not on the invoice? For most vendors, it’s still done the old-fashioned way: you have to pick up the phone, call the vendor, and ask for it. In other words, wait on hold forever, ask over and over again, get transferred to someone else, and wait some more. Some large vendors can provide reporting on service levels, but often the data in these reports doesn’t match the information on the invoices. So what happens if your organization – like many – doesn’t have the resources to do all of this? With little oversight into your garbage haulers’ service and invoicing practices, you might as well be throwing money away along with your trash. Garbage vendors and brokers thrive on the lack of data transparency – and their profit is your loss!

Making It Easy

This a problem most companies can’t solve on their own, which is why so many have turned to ENGIE Insight as their trusted advisor. ENGIE Insight is the industry leader in acquiring and analyzing waste data; our professionals not only love garbage, we have decades of experience working in the industry and helping customers like you. Unlike other players in the waste industry, we don’t own any landfills or trucks, so our incentives are aligned with yours! Our deep market and pricing insight across North America allows us to ensure that you’re getting the best prices for the services you’ve selected. We make all of your waste data available to you at the click of a mouse, and provide the expertise to make the right decision. And if something is not right, we’ll take the time to fix it so you can stay focused on your day-to-day responsibilities. Together, we can help you maximize savings and reach your goals.

If you want to stop throwing away the treasure in your trash, contact ENGIE Insight to learn how easy it can be with our industry experts. And if you’re in the grocery sector, watch our free webinar, Unpacking Grocery Waste to Drive Big Results!

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