2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Martin Sieh, Chief Operating Officer at ENGIE Insight

ENGIE Insight’s (formerly Ecova) commitment to being a good corporate citizen is nothing new—it’s been one of our core values since the company was founded in 1997. Our formal investment in corporate responsibility continues to progress year after year, as evidenced by the results detailed in our 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report.

Now in our fourth year of establishing and reporting on corporate responsibility targets, ENGIE Insight believes that these efforts are vital to the health of our company, positioning us to architect the future of energy, carbon water and waste.  We strive to integrate corporate responsibility into every aspect of our business, driving a more powerful alignment between our work and our mission. We have adopted a proactive approach to strategic planning and change management, informed by established best practices, enabling us to respond nimbly to our rapidly shifting industry. All this prepares us to take full advantage of the new opportunities—both nationwide and globally—made possible through our parent company, ENGIE.

We’re proud of our 2016 results, from identifying more than $603 million in cost savings and 14.6 million tCO2e in GHG emission reductions for our clients to contributing more than 7,800 volunteer hours to the communities in which we live and work. We are also excited to build upon these powerful results moving forward—bolstered by ENGIE Insight’s continued development of a full-fledged Corporate Responsibility Program, staffed and supported by engaged leadership and internal teams.

Read our full 2016 report to learn more about ENGIE Insight’s corporate responsibility initiative and results:

Ecova 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

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