Leveraging the Data in Your Dumpster, Part 2: Understanding Your Waste Stream Tomorrow

Zach Davis

As more and more companies recognize the positive impact of smarter waste management on their operating budget, it’s natural to then seek opportunities to divert waste and reduce pick-ups. Targeting these areas in a meaningful way, however, requires access to accurate data and the ability to create a business case for potential changes.

ENGIE Insight’s analytics work—a component of our comprehensive Total Waste Solutions—empowers businesses to understand and act on their waste data, equipped with tools like our industry-leading Diversion Opportunity and Resource Assessment (DORA) report. The DORA report is designed to solve two common challenges for organizations:

1) Identifying and visualizing opportunities to divert waste into a renewable recycling stream and

2) Matching the number of waste hauls to container size requirements, a level of detail individual site managers are rarely able to track.

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Our DORA report integrates proprietary rate information with waste invoice data and field research conducted by ENGIE Insight, providing businesses with a depth and scope of insight not previously attainable. When combined with ENGIE Insight’s analysis, the DORA makes it easy for company decision-makers to view immediate opportunities for increased efficiency and see the financial value of diversion. A unique “What If?” component allows potential scenarios to be modeled, so organizations can pursue the strategies that yield the greatest benefit—from reducing container size and the subsequent number of waste hauls, to prioritizing waste diversion beyond on-site recycling services. ENGIE Insight’s waste management clients are often stunned at the significant budgetary effect of even minor changes when deployed across an entire portfolio.

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The data and insight of ENGIE Insight’s DORA report, however, is only as powerful as the action that follows. By situating this tool within a rich portfolio of waste management solutions, we support businesses in taking the next step towards controlling the cost and environmental impact associated with their waste stream. Our clients draw on the excitement of visualizing data and quickly seeing the value of diversion through the DORA to pursue additional projects. It’s clear that taking a deeper dive into facility waste data ensures that you’re not throwing savings out with the trash.

Click here to learn more about how ENGIE Insight’s Total Waste Solutions can help your business, from getting a DORA report to managing waste expense.

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